Saturday, July 17, 2010


So I forgot to post yesterday, but hey a few hours late isn't bad! (12 hours still counts as a few) No more crafting, and no pics yet, but since all I've been doing is reading, I thought I'd share a review of my favorite book from last week's school books (for YA lit class).

Going Bovine. By Libba Bray. Delacorte Press, 2009. 480 pages. ISBN: 9780385733977 $17.99. Grades 9+

Cameron Smith is an average slacker high school student who gets diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob’s disease (or more commonly thought of as mad cow) and is told there is no cure. After talking with a punk rock angel, Cameron escapes the hospital with his dwarf roommate, Gonzo, and starts on a wild cross-country adventure to save the world and cure himself. This adventure is peppered with visits from the punk rock angel, Dulcie, and “dreams” of being in the hospital bed still. Bray masterfully weaves together a serious story about the big questions and issues in life with the kooky antics of trip riddled with hallucinations and an ancient Norse god turned lawn gnome. Not only will this story have readers questioning reality, thinking about their own mortality, and most likely crying, but it will also have readers laughing out loud at Cameron and Gonzo’s adventures. The teenage characters in the novel are realistic in actions and speech, using slang and four-letter words in a natural and unforced manner. Going Bovine is a fabulous combination of Chris Crutcher’s Deadline and Christopher Moore’s odd humor and language.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

No Time for Creativity

Between school and work, I feel that I have no time for creativity (hence the not posting in almost 2 years). Unfortunately my crafting has taken a back seat to the more pressing activities in my life. I’ve been trying as of late to fit it in a bit more, squeezing a necklace in here and a cake there, but it is an uphill battle. I’m signing up for a craft fair in the beginning of August (with my best friend) in hopes that a deadline will encourage me to make the time for the things that I love. I also made a trip out to the Wilton Tent Sale where I picked up some new scrapbook supplies which also helped to spark my creativity a bit.

On Sunday I wound up making a few different cards (from my new stamp supplies) and a few pieces of jewelry (some mix and match earrings that I absolutely love!). Unfortunately in the process I also discovered how woefully low on supplies I am and I have to put in another order for rings for my jewelry. This means that I’ll just be delaying my craft time for even longer while I wait to get the pieces I need. With any luck I can work on getting ahead in my homework so that I’ll have some extra time to work with the supplies when they do come in.

Hopefully after this weekend, I’ll have a few pictures to show you what I’ve been working on, although nothing will be listed on Etsy until after the craft show. I need to save my stock so I have enough to sell!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

I'm back!

So its been awhile. A long while. But, I'm back in action and posting again. Between work, school, and crafting, the blog has fallen by the wayside but I have been inspired to start it up again. This time, I'm setting my goals lower and will be posting once a week on Fridays so that I will hopefully be able to keep up with it regularly. If I'm lucky I'll be able to post more than that, but on Fridays for sure.

Check back on Friday to see a little glimpse into what I'm working on in crafts and my life.