Thursday, December 29, 2011

The First Quilt!

Since last we spoke I made it through hand warmers, warming packets, bath salts, TONS of cookies, notepads, and (that's right) 1.9 quilts!! 

Okay given that its almost a week after Christmas and I was supposed to give 2 quilts as gifts, that number really should have been slightly higher.  Oh well.  Thankfully my sister did not have my gift for me on Christmas either so I didn't look like too much of a schmuck.  I just need to finish the edges on her quilt, which should be done tomorrow since I have the day off. 

I'm here today to show you the finished product of my brother's quilt.  Previously I talked about the pattern and the start of the quilt and promised to be back soon to update you.  Well I was not back soon but I did come back and that's what counts, right?  Anway, pictures!!

I was mostly happy with the way it came out but it was nowhere near perfect and you could tell it was my first time.  My lines were very uneven and it could have been a lot more professional looking.  As a coworker likes to say though, you couldn't tell from the back of a trotting horse.  And more important than my critique of my work is that my brother LOVED it and I'm thrilled to be able to give him something that he will use and keep and love for years. 

Soon to come: My sister's brown and pink quilt.