Thursday, September 09, 2010

Another Break From Routine for LIS 724

And once again I shall interrupt the normal craftiness (although I'm on a hiatus currently) to post something else for my class. After this, back to my regularly scheduled programming (when this class is over in mid-October).


I started blogging in 2008 to help promote my recently started crafting business. As you can tell by the archive, I wasn't very successful at blogging regularly and keeping up with the blog. I tried starting again earlier this year, but once again school is preventing me from crafting so I put it aside until my schedule clears up in mid to late October.

I started a second blog just last month that is an anonymous blog devoted to my personal and financial goals and keeping me accountable to them. I've been posting a few times a week on that blog for a few weeks now. It is far easier to keep up on since it focused on the things I find myself thinking about constantly rather than about an activity I have to do first before I can write about it!

I like the blogging experience and specifically using blogger. I like the flexibility of the templates and the ease with which I can post, edit, label, and schedule posts. And of course I LOVE reading blogs (as is evident from my constantly overflowing Google Reader)!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A Break From Routine- LIS 724

And now readers- a break from our regularly scheduled programming to do a little assignment for one of my Library Science Classes!

In exploring Michael Stephens' Tame The Web blog I came across another blog of particular interest to me- The 8bit Library. I've played video games ever since I can remember and loved books and libraries just as long so I was excited to see someone blogging about two of my favorite things. This blog posts new entries a few times a week (according to Google Reader 2.6 posts per week) about topics relating to video games and libraries. There is some great information on this blog about working games into your library and your programming, great articles about the benefits of video games, and the occasional awesomely nerdy tattoo! I've definitely added this blog to my reader (as well as the Tame The Web blog) and am anxiously awaiting the next post!