Thursday, September 09, 2010

Another Break From Routine for LIS 724

And once again I shall interrupt the normal craftiness (although I'm on a hiatus currently) to post something else for my class. After this, back to my regularly scheduled programming (when this class is over in mid-October).


I started blogging in 2008 to help promote my recently started crafting business. As you can tell by the archive, I wasn't very successful at blogging regularly and keeping up with the blog. I tried starting again earlier this year, but once again school is preventing me from crafting so I put it aside until my schedule clears up in mid to late October.

I started a second blog just last month that is an anonymous blog devoted to my personal and financial goals and keeping me accountable to them. I've been posting a few times a week on that blog for a few weeks now. It is far easier to keep up on since it focused on the things I find myself thinking about constantly rather than about an activity I have to do first before I can write about it!

I like the blogging experience and specifically using blogger. I like the flexibility of the templates and the ease with which I can post, edit, label, and schedule posts. And of course I LOVE reading blogs (as is evident from my constantly overflowing Google Reader)!

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Chris B. said...

Wow! I've enjoyed looking at your jewelry. Great work!

I think keeping an anonymous blog for personal reflection is a great idea. It's a great place to archive your thoughts.