Monday, October 21, 2013

I'm Finally Settled In

Between two different moves (and the associated packing and unpacking) its been a long time since I've felt settled and at home.  Now that we're done unpacking and have hung the pictures I feel like we have a home again.  Its really the pictures that cinch the whole thing.  A new place doesn't feel like home until we put our pictures on the wall.  Of course this space still has a lot of open wall but it feels so much more homey and I can sit on my couch with my mug of cocoa and enjoy the place.

In addition to all the moving, we had a whirlwind trip to Vancouver for a weekend just a week ago and I'm here today to share some pictures with you.

Steam Clock in gastown


We totally saw otters not in a zoo!!!

I really love animals dressed as mounties!

This is a really awful picture of me, but you have to see the raccoon mittens I got at the gift store!

Capilano Suspension Bridge- way way awesome and what follows is only a small sampling of the breathtaking views

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