Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Well, here I am.

I suppose it isn't any surprise that I haven't been back for a while.

Highlights (or lowlights of my life since we last spoke):

  • I was lucky enough to be featured in dottiebox's September box.  
  • I got surgery on my hand to fix that pesky thumb problem and I'm now fully healed to continue with my chainmaille and all the other crafting.
  • I lost my Freya at the end of October
  • I participated in a craft fair that didn't go so well.  I just don't think craft fairs are the right market for the kind of jewelry I make.  
  • We went on a cruise (also awful) but it was still a vacation :)  
  • Celebrated my 10th anniversary with my boyfriend
  • Lost 20 pounds!
  • Revamped my craft room
So that's the quick rundown!  Among all this I've been doing all the normal living stuff plus working on my jewelry and Scrabble® stuff.  

Now that we're all caught up on the big stuff, I can tell you more about what I've been working on.  

Stay tuned for a craft update with lots of pics on Thursday!  

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