Sunday, October 31, 2010

Aaaannnnd I'm Back! (Hopefully)

I promised you another post at the end of October and here it is! I spent Friday baking for a charity bake sale on Saturday. My best friend and I (with some donations from her mother and a few others) held a bake sale for the local no kill shelter Save-a-Pet. We raised $608 dollars for them which was totally awesome!! So I share with you a few of my first creations, before I got too tired and overwhelmed with baking to stop taking pictures. :)

A view of my beautiful Kitchen-Aid mixer- shiny red and the professional 600 series 6-qt. I got it for extra big batches of bread, but haven't made any in it yet. In it is the dough for my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.

View of my delicious chocolate chip cookies. I swear by the Alton Brown recipe for "The Chewy"

A pan of Betty Crocker brownies. Just a mix but they are delicious and I got a great deal. I tried making a s'mores version, but I couldn't get the center of the brownie to cook without burning the outside and the marshmallows on top. I'll probably try to make it again sometime.

I made a bunch of dog treats too, and a few other things, but after these I was too caught up in getting everything baked to take pictures. See you again soon with more crafting hopefully!

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