Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh how I love Black Friday

photo by flickr user: denipet

My love affair with Black Friday started 3 years ago.  I'm not sure exactly what brought me to think about braving the sales, but I remember waking up ridiculously early to stop at Target before work to get Guitar Hero.  It may have been Guitar Hero 2.  Since then I've been hooked. 

Last year I did some online shopping at Kohls right around midnight then went to Target, Gamestop, Best Buy, and a few other random stores as well as got a delicious breakfast out.  I also dragged DBF and one of his good friends along for the ride.  It was a blast and this year I got even more serious about it. 

Since Halloween I have been religiously checking Gotta Deal and Black Friday for the most recent leaked ad scans (at gotta deal you have to find the scans in the forums) and have been working up my Black Friday plan of attack.  I've been pouring over the ad scans (multiple times for many of them) and making my list and checking it a million times.  Today I've finalized my plans for the day (which are extra complicated since its also my birthday) and you can check out my finalized plan of attack.  The highlighted items are my most important purchases, the things that I want the most.  I'm super excited for the day and I'll be sure to post and show you guys my loot sometime over the weekend.  I'm also excited to start creating things with the cricut machine which you will see lots of over the coming weeks no doubt. 

Anyone else this obsessed over Black Friday and want to share your plans for the day?

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