Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Knitting and Scrapbooking

I'm starting to feel like I'm perpetually apologizing for my lack of posting, so I'm not going to do that this time.  :)  So back in the beginning of December I took an introduction to knitting class and since then have been furiously making scarves.  Okay so I was furiously making scarves around Christmas, now I've taken a bit of a break.  but anyway, here's a glimpse of the start of a scarf that I made for my father.  I was too focused on getting it mailed out to get to his house in time for Christmas to take a picture of the completed scarf but you can rest assured that it looked smashing!  Especially considering it was only my third scarf ever!

Very recently, I got bit by the scrapbooking bug and started back up on the scrapbook for our Europe trip in Spring of 2009.  I've been pretty focused on it and would probably be finishing it before the weekend if I hadn't had to last minute order more prints from snapfish. 

Here are a few of the pages that I managed to complete last night and this morning.

I'm definitely no scrapbooking expert, but I like what I've done with things.  I've considered adding captions, but I'm not really sure yet.  As it sits now I flip through and go "oh yeah and we did that" and "oh I forgot about that" and then tell myself the stories.  But I don't know if that will fade with time and I should add captions so I don't forget.  Any thoughts readers?

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