Sunday, April 03, 2011

Quilting and Chess

As you may have seen from my etsy shop, I've made a lot of cards and vinyl lately.  I went to a scrapbooking retreat a few weekends ago and got a lot of pages done as well as the new listings on my shop.  I also just took a basic quilting class last Thursday.  I just finished my first ever quilt block this morning and I thought that I'd share my results. 

After making this block and digging it so much, I think I may work on a full fledged blanket next.  Probably not of this star patterned type, but maybe strip quilting or just general squares.

I've also been working on refinishing dbf's chess set.  He has a really nice glass chess set but the felt lined bottom of it is coming off as you can see from the above pics.  The paper/felt lining to protect the glass from the glass just pops right off.  So to fix it, I bought some felt and glass glue.  

I cut circles out of the felt, glue them on, and then trim off the excess once they've set.  So now his chess board is protected from his pieces.  

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