Saturday, June 09, 2012

Cooking Week 23: 20 minutes or less pan fried pork

20 minutes or less is a lot harder than you think.  My first idea of a meal that I usually make that I thought for sure would be under 20 minutes (garlic, olive oil, pasta, and broccoli) took only 10 minutes cooking time, but more than 20 just to boil the water.  Fail :(

My next plan was stir fry.  I picked out a recipe which I'll be making tonight only to realize that it requires the chicken to marinade for an hour.  Fail again.

What I wound up with instead was something I wasn't planning on using for the challenge, but I realized after the fact in fact only took about 12 minutes to make!  This is why there are not many pictures of my pan fried pork cutlet.

I found the recipe on Pioneer Woman's site (I love her!) and am very happy with it.  Basically you heat some oil and butter in a skillet while you dredge the pork cutlets in a spiced flour then  fry about 2 minutes on each side.  Super quick and very tasty.  I paired them with some microwave broccoli and roasted potatoes not included in the 20 minute challenge (as they took about 25)

This will definitely be a repeat recipe for me, although the boy requires I serve gravy with it next time.

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