Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chicago Food Swap

So there's this new thing showing up across the country called a food swap.  I don't remember where exactly I first heard about it, but I was thrilled by the idea and immediately signed up.  Basically you make a bunch of food items and bring them to a location and swap them with other people for the food items they made.  Awesome!

The one I did was at the beginning of June and I baked up a storm for it.  I brought bagels, tortillas, and chocolate cookies.  In exchange I came home with some pretzel rolls, whoopie pies, jams, limoncello, salsa, popcorn, banana bread, and fudge.  It was a fabulous haul!

Delicious!  I've also signed up for the next swap in August.  So far the plan is cinnamon butter, tortillas, and multigrain bread.  I can't wait!!

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