Friday, September 20, 2013


I know, I know its only September.  As a crafter though I usually have to start planning EARLY for Christmas and Halloween if I plan to have time to make things.  Otherwise on Christmas Day my siblings get wrapped quilt tops that I have to take back home to finish :)  In browsing pinterest for Christmas ideas I found a gorgeous adult floor length tutu on etsy.  All black and perfect for a witch skirt so I decided I'll be a witch for Halloween this year.

Unfortunately, the skirt was $395.  It was labeled as for Prom or a Wedding or whatever.  If I was getting married I'd probably spend the 400 on this gorgeous skirt-it has a beautiful wide ribbon waist and I'm sure its a heck of a lot neater and well done than what I could make.  So instead I browsed some tutu tutorials and decided to give it a go.

While its super easy to do, cutting the tulle is time consuming and its taking an ungodly amount of it.  If my math is good I've already gone through about 3,168 square feet of tulle and its only a little more than halfway around me.  It does, however, look awesome so far.

The picture isn't so great.  I'm thinking its either the lighting in this apartment (which kinda sucks) or I'm due for a new camera.  Or maybe I need to take a class on photography.  Whichever it is- the skirt is mostly black with a burst of a really vibrant purple every so often.  

I've been cutting each strand of tulle 3" wide by 80" long and doing a basic knot around the ribbon waist.  Here's a close up of the waist.

The color is really awful in that photo.  

I started by getting tulle cut from the bolt, but figured out its only a tiny bit more expensive to get these rolls of tulle from Michaels that are 6" x 20 yards and they are immensely easier to deal with and cut.  This is one of the tutorials I looked at when figuring out how to make mine.  I don't think I'm doing the waist band like she did though.  We shall see when I finally make it to that stage though.

Anyone else have a costume planned yet?

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