Sunday, November 10, 2013

Christmas Crafting

After not being able to finish my Halloween costume in time, I swiftly switched to my Christmas present crafting.  So far it's mostly been knitting that I can't share here since there's a chance those I'm knitting for may read this post.  What I can share is the quilt I'm working on.  A few years ago I made my step brother and step sister each a quilt for Christmas.  The same year I wasn't able to make a quilt for their half-brother.  I was also hesitant to make one for him at the age he was.  He was in between appreciating a kid quilt and an adult one so I didn't want to make one he wouldn't like.  I decided this year was he was old enough and I had enough time to make him a quilt.

I browsed around and found a pattern(ish) I liked and went for it.  I found a post on the "disappearing nine patch" quilt (on Pinterest of course), picked some colors, and finally started on it a few days ago.  I'm of course no where near done, but I thought I'd share my progress so far.

The setup.  Not pictured- the coffee and little bin I use for trash scraps to the right.  Also X-files on in case you were wondering :)

I've sewn together three rows of three here before sewing those three rows together.

Then I cut them in fours.  I suppose I should have arranged them like they were in the first picture so you could see the cuts, but I wanted the feel of the final quilt more.
So far I've made I think about 6 or 7 of these bigger blocks and cut them all up into the smaller squares.  I should need about 15 of them to make a quilt somewhere around full size if my math is okay.  I think I'm liking the look, but I'm still nowhere near as precise as I'd like to be so I hope it still comes out okay.  

Anyone else started on their Christmas projects?  Any ideas you'd like to share?

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Newlyweds on a Budget said...

I have aLWAYS wanted to learn how to quilt. I just think it is so cool...but right now, anything that goes above using a glue gun is just too much for me, haha. Can't wait to attempt to make my own Christmas Wreath though!