Monday, October 13, 2008

Board games, shoes, and crafts

A taste of my weekend:

Friday night was a dinner party of sorts and a hilarious game of Quelf. As the link will tell you its a ridiculously funny game. It is basically Cranium with much weirder stuff. Within a few turns I was rolling my die from 5 feet away from the table and getting penalized everytime it rolled off of the table. I was also clicking my heels together and saying "There's no place like home" everytime I moved my game piece. I highly recommend it for anyone who doesn't mind looking like an idiot for a few hours and also enjoys laughing at your friends for just the same reason.

Saturday was suppsoed to be a quick shopping trip morning with my mom for shoes and other items of interest. It quickly turned into a half a day event. I came out of the deal with a cute pair of shoes, some tasty lunch from Panera, shortbread (my favorite!), and a new toy for the pooch. While I spent more time than I had intended it was definitely worth it.

The rest of my Saturday afternoon was devoted to reading law homework. I had 7 chapters to read for Wednesday, and despite what you may think it is not because I was behind in my reading. Well, ok, two of the chapters were supposed to be read for last week, but the other five were this week's reading for Wednesday. I got two of the chapters done before I had to head out for a trip to Michaels and to hang out with my boyfriend. I had another great evening with him, watching one of the best movies of all time- The Princess Bride.

Sunday I went out to a late breakfast/early lunch with the boyfriend and had some great banana bread french toast, then went shoe shopping at DSW again! I lucked out, becasue a shoe that I had passed up on Saturday because I didn't 40 dollars like it was on clearance at this one and I got it for less than half the price! Absolutely fantastic!

After my relaxing and enjoyable morning, I went and ruined the day by heading home and reading another 2.5 chapters of my law textbook. Although I gave myself a little bit of a break and let myself try out some of my new Michaels purchases near the end of the night. I made three new cards, all hand stamped and stenciled and started on a new pair of earrings. Hopefully, I can get the boyfriend to take pictures of my new cards, and I can post them for your perusal within the next few days.

I guess that's my weekend in a nutshell- Board games, shoes, and crafts. And of course the homework, but I prefer not to think about that :)


Ruth said...

Love the shoes! My family is big into board games, so I am going to have to check that out. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...
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