Monday, October 06, 2008

Some cool stuff on Etsy

Hanging out on Etsy for a while and trying to promote my shop ultimately leads shopping. I just can't help myself! There are too many cool things on the site and all sorts of different talents that I get caught up so easily in all the stuff that I want someday. This of course means that my favorites list gets a little too long! I thought others might be interested in my cool finds, so I am here to show off a few of my favorites.
One of the first things I found on Etsy when I was first discovering it was this adorable purse from pollyannacowgirlbags. As a baker and a cupcake lover it was love at first sight. :) She makes some other fabulous purses too. As I was browsing through her store, I found it difficult to pick just one favorite. This of course means that a few of her purses made it onto my heart list for further consideration when I can afford to spend some money on a new purse. :)

Another one of my favorites come from a great artist, alloverart, that I have also gotten to know a bit on the etsy forums. She does fantastic oil paintings of animals, landscapes and some abstract stuff too. While there are many of her paintings I'd love to have hanging in my house, I can't resist an adorable puppy so this one sticks out as my favorite.

It also comes in a print which is probably all that this poor student can afford, but I still can't get over how much this painting looks like a photo.

Going along with the dog thing is the last favorite that I'll be featuring today. Its the very first item that I bought on etsy, splurging on something that I probably didn't really need is justifiable if it is spoiling my pooch. :)

This collar comes from luckyfiona. I'm a huge fan of argyle (and plaid, and polka dots, and well, really most patterns) so it caught my attention right away. I had been looking for a new collar for my little pooch Freya and this seemed perfect for her. When I ordered, I just gave her Freya's measurements and had the collar custom fit to my pooch. Its sturdy, pretty, and Freya and I both love it!

That's all I have for today. Stay tuned for more craft adventures and other etsy favorites!

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