Wednesday, October 08, 2008

More Cool Stuffs

I've been too busy to get any more crafts going on, so once again I share with you some cool stuff that I have found on etsy. This time, my focus (yes I actually have one!) is on new sellers who have not yet made a sale. A few I have found through etsy's pounce feature, and the first one I have found floating about on the forums.

This is just one of the creations of Themagicsleigh
She does some great ornaments of dogs and dog angels. She also has some statutes of fantasy creatures, like dragons and unicorns. This particular one is one of my favorites, since I am a huge terrier fan. I can't wait to see which dog breed she picks next to create. :)

Another etsy artist that I just discovered is ThingsThatGoBump. This one I discovered through etsy's pounce feature that lets you look at shops that have not yet had a sale.

What can I say? I'm a tree hugger and naked trees have to be extra cold and in need of hugs :) Really it is just downright cool looking. I saw it and I'm already imaging what I could use it to hold. The reigning champ at the moment would be a nicely spiced olive oil. Might even make a nice gift to a chef to get it and fill it with some chili peppers, olive oil, and spices (hint hint to any of my friends and family who might be searching for a gift for me) ;)

The last item that I will be featuring today is another one that I found through the pounce feature. This one comes from BrightSideOut. She makes some really cool stuff, a lot of it in bright colors. I've always been a fan of sharp contrasts, so this black and white one is my favorite. I also like the weaves of this ribbon pillow, it reminds me of when I was little and my mom taught me how to make Swedish Hearts. At least I think that's what they were called, but either way they had that cool weave going on, except in paper. It also reminds me of my boyfriend's mom's cherry pie since she does the weave thing with the top pie crust. Man, now I want pie...

So we end on a soft note. :) Hopefully my next post will be on something that I have been doing, but I have less time to get crafty than I would like so it might just be more shopping. :)

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