Friday, October 03, 2008

Gotta love getting paid to burn things

So my library is entering a pimp my bookcart contest through and I got put in charge of making some scrolls that are supposed to look ancient. Over the past few weeks I've been coming up with creative scroll titles (with some assistance), writing them out, giving them call numbers, rolling them into scrolls, tying them with twine, crumpling them, and (finally!) burning them. Not the whole thing, obviously, but just the edges to make them look old and used.

I got to spend the whole morning outside the staff entrance, fighting the chill wind, and trying to burn 24 of these scrolls with a tealight. Thus far I've only made it to about 8 or 9. Just means I get to spread the fire around a bit more :D. I can only imagine what the patrons thought seeing a young woman huddled over a candle lighting paper on fire near the back door.

15 more to go and then I get to start dying them with coffee!

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