Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baking Week 8: Candy Decorations

So I saw this cake floating around on pinterest.  When I discovered week 8 was all about candy decorations I knew I had to make it.  So I present to you my version of the kit-kat and m&m cake.

I used 5.5 King Size Kit-Kat bars to cover my 9" cake and a medium size bag of the pretzel m&m's.  You'll probably need a Large bag for better coverage. 

For the cake I used my Colette Peter's Chocolate Cake Recipe which thankfully someone else typed up here.  I refuse to use vegetable shortening so I use real butter in mine (softened) and instead of almond extract (which I'm allergic to) I replace it with more vanilla.  I frosted it with a basic buttercream with about a tablespoon of cocoa to make the coloring darker.

Really though, you can do whats under the candy any way you choose.  Also despite the simplicity of the cake, everyone at work loved it and refused to be the first to cut into it.  It's a great way to show off an impressive cake with not too much work!

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