Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cooking Week 7: Love

One of the things that I learned on our sleepover date was that the boy's favorite food is my chicken pot pie.  As such I thought it would be the perfect food for my love inspired cooking challenge.  My love loves this meal so I made it for him.

I even added some hearts to the top crust to make it a bit more lovey.

I used Emeril's recipe for chicken pot pie.  Mostly.  I won't watch the man, as I find him to be annoying (I find a lot of TV chefs to be annoying) but this pot pie recipe is delish!!

I didn't use all the veggies that he said to, mixed it up based on what the boy likes and was in the house.  I used peas, carrots, celery, onions, green beans, and corn.  I also didn't blanch the carrots and threw them in the skillet with the celery and onions instead. 

I also used skim milk instead of half and half because my half and half had gone very, very wrong.  Makes it a little lighter too!

For my pie crust I used the recipe I use for my poptarts minus the sugar, and had a little trouble rolling out the crust.  I just seem to be particularly bad at this part.  In theory practice makes perfect and I should be getting better with every crust.

Apparently the top was not enough practice. 

Despite its somewhat ugly appearance it was delicious and the boy was thrilled to get pot pie for dinner (and likely also when its in his lunch tomorrow).  You can also cheat and use store bought pie crust (I have in the past) and it will still be awesome.  

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