Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baking Week 9: Cookies

I make a lot of cookies.  It's my go-to baking type.  For this challenge I decided to pick a cookie I've been eyeing for a while in my Martha Stewart Cookie book, Grammy's Chocolate Cookies

It's so simple, and I maybe should have challenged myself more in the cookie department but I think I've been looking at these cookies and not making them for almost a year now! 

It's a basic mix all the stuff together and chill.

Form it into balls and roll the balls in sugar.



I have a particular fondness for the style of cookie that is rolled in sugar (or cinnamon sugar) and baked.  It might be the bit of caramelization that you get on the bottom when it bakes that makes it so delicious, but whatever it is, it's awesome.  I gave all of these away so I think I need to make another batch for me!

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