Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Cooking Week 10: Lord of the Onion Rings

This week's theme is book/movie inspired.  I toyed around with a lot of ideas for the cooking challenge and wasn't particularly happy with any of them.  While talking about my ideas I tossed out Lord of the Onion Rings and its just cheesy enough to thrill me so I went with it.

A quick google of how to make onion rings and I found instructions to try out here.

I cut my onions.

The little bits are drops of batter I used to test the heat of the oil.

Heated up a mix of canola oil and the bacon fat leftover in my skillet.

Made my batter.

Fried the rings on both sides.

And then promptly tossed most of them.  I'm still no good at deep frying things.  I was feeling sick from the grease of the three rings that I ate and they weren't as crispy as they should be.  Perhaps these powerful rings are not meant to be eaten.

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